Tuesday, 31 January 2012


"After rewatching our film a few times, we came to the conclusion that it was neccessary for us to refilm even if we kept it the same. This is because that lots of the shots include things that shouldn't be in them as part of the mise en scene. For example:

Here the tripod is very plainly in shot. This will lose us marks as it is an example of bad mise en scene.

When we redo this, we shall move all equipment that we are not using into the hall of the block of flats nearby so that there is no chance of it being caught in the shot.

This is a shot during which Cameron (male human survivor) looks at the camera and asks if it is filming. For our rough draft we decided that the moment between him doing thsi and him breaking free from the fight was too short so we had to include it.

In our refilm we shall do many takes to the same shot so that we can eliminate any breaking of the $th wall.

This is another example of msie en scene. This shot lasts much longer however, so the bags and equipment are much more prominent and this will lose us even more marks than the first shot.

Again, to overcome this problem in the refilm, we shall put all of our bags and things that we don't want to be in the shot in the foyer of the block of flats from which this shot was taken. That way they will not be caught in the shot.

We have also been considering the option of rewriting the whole thing entirely and starting from scratch. At the moment, we really like how quickly it is paced and the shots that we have used. However, it needs to be shorter and we think that it is not funny enough for it to be a comedy zombie film.

We were looking to create a deliberatly amsuing zombie fim opening, however at the moment, it seems much more to be a tongue-in-cheek accidentally funny piece.

We are going to add some mroe things in that will make it funnier, for example, making the fight scene much more dance like so that it is more amusing. I am making a quick storyboard that includes some of the things that we feel would improve it."

This post is done by Edith. As a group we will have a meeting in due course dicussing future filming, and other certain developments. After noting the various inperfections we will have to consider all this in order to better our film opening. We also have various ideas that we will soon put into reality.

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