Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sahun of the Dead - Poster Analysis

I think that this poster has a clear focus which is the title of the film “Shaun Of The Dead” as well as its main star Simon Pegg.
The creator of this has made the focus of this clearly by the use of high contrasted colours; this has been used for both the typography as well as highlighting Simon Pegg among all the zombies.
The use of red as the main colour for the background instantly connotes danger and blood alerting the audience that it is has elements of horror in the film. The colour white is then used to contrast the red. The mixture of the red and white gives a light feel and almost a humorous atmosphere. If black was used for the letters on the other hand, I think that this would have given the film a more serious feel, alerting the audience wrongly. In addition White and red has a clear contrast.
The zombies has also been used to anchor the viewers thoughts. The zombies are saturated, and grey, whilst Simon Pegg is bright and in colour; instantly catching the viewer’s eye, as it is highly contrasted with the zombies visually. The look in his face also suggests many humorous connotations alerting the audience that it also has elements of comedy in the film.
The font used is bold and clear, making it easy for viewers to see the title, It is also very eye catching. The typography used is gives a sense of a dirty finish, as the edges of the letters appears to be jiggered, working really well as it mimics the movement of the zombies which is directly above. The hand in the letter “A” gives the film it’s typical horror film feel. This combined with the design of the font anchors the audience’s thoughts and expectations about the film.
The composition of the typography highlights the word “Dead” again anchoring the audience’s thoughts about the genre of the film. It also gives a clear focus, emphasising the title of the film.
Over all the mixture of both the image used and the typography instantly creates a mixture of horror and comedic feel. The image used suggests comedy and the typography suggests horror, mixing both together visually gives a clear representation of the film
In my opinion I think that this is an excellent poster. It raises many techniques and styles that I will have to consider when i design the title board for our film “Not Quite Alive, But Defiantly Kicking” it has also given me many ideas for the title board. Admittedly our title board will be highly influenced by this poster but i will definietly not be copying it as we want our title board to be original as well as eye catching.

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