Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Audience Feedback on First Rough Edit

"Just before Christmas, we showed our rough edit to the rest of the media class. Below is some of the feedback that we got and how we are going to repsond to it:

"Great first scene through the window, would be better if you could make the scenes more tense. But anyway, it's good quality,"
In response to this we have decided to rethink our approach to this project. We have to decide if we want to make more tense or more comedic. If we decide to make it more tense then we shall refilm it at night to add a little more suspense to it. If we decide to make it more comedic, then we shall refilm the fight scene to make it more dance like and therefore funnier.
"Not too sure about the soundtrack, although it was well timed with the action. Camera angles were also very good,"
We are definitely considering changing the soundtrack, however at the moment I think it is perfect and that we just need to adjust the style of the action to fit the music. If we do decide to change the soundtrack then we should look at all of our options, such as classical, something famous, something unknown or even having a student write an original piece for us.
"It was so awesome. You could add more sound effects, e.g zombie growls,"
We are definitly going to add sound effects to break up the music a bit and to add more authenticity to the piece. Also, we need to add more ambient sounds to the start such as bird song so that it is not just silence because at the moment it sounds like a mistake.
"The drop of the music matching the zombie charge was TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!"
We spent a long time matching the music to the action here and this is one of the reasons that I think that we should keep the soundtrack. However, because of the mixed responses that we have received we shall put out a survey, either on SurveyMonkey or just through our friends."
Post done by Edith.
As a group have had many talks about improving our film opening, Including chats about developing the mise en scene and the music. we have all listened to the audience feedback and will have to consider greatly what they have said as they are our target market.

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