Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This is a previous years trailer for a zombie film.
Unlike our approach to a zombie, they have gone for a serious, horror sci-fi mystery.
The use of low lighting and the silloutte gives a mysterious and a typical horror film feel, this draws the audience in. there is also a wide range of zooming which alerts the viewer and also maximise the connetations of danger, which increaeses tension.
The use of a bigger number of cast for the students gives a very realistic school environtment, however the loud speaker digetic sound for the annpouncement gives a very american feel to the extract.

(To be improved.)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Typhography - Production Logo

This Production logo conotes richness and and simplicity, however it is very effective and rememorable. The use of the white and gold conotes high buget instantly this would anchor the audience's oppinions about the film as it sets standards. The use of the shadowing also adds to the this effect. The gold underlay in the font is shiny, this again connotes richness and weath, re-inforcing the idea of thier films being high budget.
The world being visable at the back of the word "UNIVERSAL" re-inforces that this company is very sucessful and re-inforces the meaning of the word.
Overall the mixture of the colours and the simplicity really works well together, this could be something that i may use for our production logo.

DreamWorks's font used is similar to Universals, however they are both presentaed differently, adding a certain stamp in thier own logo.
DreamWorks's emphasises the word "Dream" with the combination of the colours used; espicially with the darker version of the logo, the night reinforces the idea of sleeping, therefore dreaming.
The clouds and the moon also adds to this effect, by doing this the company is deliberately connotes fairytales. this suggets that they are targetting the younger generation.
The company having two different versions of the logo allows them to choose the one more appropiate to the film, this is a very good idea and may influence me in my designs.
The mixture of the underling and the small print of the words "Animation SKG" is also very effective and would be very influencial in my designs.

This logo is very cleverly put together. altough the colours is verylimited, this really works well for the composition. I like the mixture of the different sizes letters. This made me consider the sizes of the letters in the production logo. This also made me to think outside the box and not go for the ovious.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Plans for Production logo and Film

I plan to sketch out initial ideas for both the Logo of out production company, which is "T.E.E. Productions" and also for the film. I plan to have several ideas and use "Survey Monkey" aswell as the help of my other group members, Tas and Edith, to decide on the final product.
I will be looking at and comparing other production company logos to develop my ideas and also to create a final product with a professional finish. Also this would have to be done to make sure that our logo is not compared or similar to an exsisting production company logo, this also applies for the film.
This means that some future posts will be sketches of my ideas

 " Zombie Film Opening

A week ago we filmed our zombie film opening, we have not yet edited it but I am going to evaluate the footage based on the mark scheme.

The film openings that we looked at were Zombieland and Shaun Of The Dead. This is because they are both comedic zombie movies despite being completely different.
We decided that we preferred the action packed opening of Zombieland to the pre-apocalypse opening of Shaun Of The Dead, also we decided to incorporate the use of voiceover also included in Zombieland.

Looking back at the footage we have obtained, I believe that we have managed to achieve our target fairly well. We have included a Zombie Vs Human fight and by doing this have set up the post-apocolypse scenario. Once edited we are going to find a person suitable for doing a documentary style voiceover. Also, thinking back, there is a chance that it will end up looking like either a short film or a trailer for a film, so because of this we are going to have the person reading the voiceover say a line at the end that suggests that there is a plot to follow.

The Mark Scheme requires us to include several different things:

  • Holding A Shot Steady - for most of the shots that needed to be held steady we used a very reliable tripod. However, for the moving shots in which the tripod was of no use, we can use the 'Stabilising Media' option on Sony Vegas during post production to make it look a lot smoother.
  • Variety Of Shot Distances - we have included a range of different shots including a close up of the zombies, a long shot of the zombies, a long tracking shot, a close tracking shot, a crane shot and even a dutch angle shot. This will make it much more interesting to watch as well as ticking it off the checklist.
  • Selecting Mise En Scene - the costumes and the make up are specific to the character, for instance the humans have less obvious make up or clothes than the zombies so that we can tell them apart and tell who they are. We chose the setting that we did because we had the option of shooting out of the window but also because it had such a variety of settings just in that little area such as the forest, the streets and the corner. Finally we chose it because it was very quiet so we could film without filming passers by and this adds to the post-apocalyptic idea of planet earth being abandoned.
  • Framing Shot Appropriately - We made sure that we only captured the areas that we wanted. For instance, we had lots of equipment on the pavement however, we positioned the camera in all of the shots so that this was not caught on film. Also, we did not film any of the houses that had people in so that it looked more real. In addition to this we chose each shot very carefully, for instance, we never had too much sky or background, we had actors walking in and out of shot etc etc.

Once we have uploaded all of the footage we will start editing it together so that it mostly matches our storyboard. We will use Sony Vegas Platinum to edit as this is very high quality editing software that will enable us to do more and make it look more professional."

This is a post by Edith about roughly the happening during the filming aswell as future plans for the finish product of our film

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The program i have decided to used is Serif Draw Plus. I am quite confident in using this program as i have used it throughout my school life in cherwell, However i do not have this program at home, meaning that 
most of my typography work will have to be done in school.

Things i have to consider.
 -Fonts, i would have to make sure that the font relates to the film and anchores the audiences, giving them the right connetations, and impressions of the film. Also i would have to consider how easy it will be to read as it can be potentially used not only for the Film title but also the credits in the film opening.
 -Layout, i would have to make sure that the way the words and images may be placed is easy to read and understand, and also that it looks good, overall havinbg a positive outcome on the final product.
 -Comedy Values, as the film is a comedy zombie film, i wouldnt want the audience to think that it may be a horror, this is where the comedy values comes in. In addition i would still need to somehow anchor the audience to think that it is a zombie film.
 -Colour schemes, i would have to make sure that the colour scheme used is easy to read and that the contrast between the background and the colour of the actual texts are distinguished to make them easy to read, as well as making it stand out.
 -Audience, making sure that our traget audience (teenagers) are attracted to the film is vital.
 -Punctuation, this is improtant as it could change the meaning of the title completly, changing the tone or even the meaning