Friday, 11 November 2011

Typhography - Production Logo

This Production logo conotes richness and and simplicity, however it is very effective and rememorable. The use of the white and gold conotes high buget instantly this would anchor the audience's oppinions about the film as it sets standards. The use of the shadowing also adds to the this effect. The gold underlay in the font is shiny, this again connotes richness and weath, re-inforcing the idea of thier films being high budget.
The world being visable at the back of the word "UNIVERSAL" re-inforces that this company is very sucessful and re-inforces the meaning of the word.
Overall the mixture of the colours and the simplicity really works well together, this could be something that i may use for our production logo.

DreamWorks's font used is similar to Universals, however they are both presentaed differently, adding a certain stamp in thier own logo.
DreamWorks's emphasises the word "Dream" with the combination of the colours used; espicially with the darker version of the logo, the night reinforces the idea of sleeping, therefore dreaming.
The clouds and the moon also adds to this effect, by doing this the company is deliberately connotes fairytales. this suggets that they are targetting the younger generation.
The company having two different versions of the logo allows them to choose the one more appropiate to the film, this is a very good idea and may influence me in my designs.
The mixture of the underling and the small print of the words "Animation SKG" is also very effective and would be very influencial in my designs.

This logo is very cleverly put together. altough the colours is verylimited, this really works well for the composition. I like the mixture of the different sizes letters. This made me consider the sizes of the letters in the production logo. This also made me to think outside the box and not go for the ovious.

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