Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I really like the way typhograpgy of the title in shaun of the dead. 


The font used isnt suggesting a zombie film, but the way it is filled with different shades of yellow, orange and even red, gives connetations of fire. This re-inforces the audience that it could be a zombie film. this mixed with the font used suggests that it could be a comedy film, In addition the font used also gives a sense of Action Fantasy.

Film Genres

This shows that Comedy is the most favourited genre of film, This makes us think that we have made the right decision to make a comedy zombie film, rather than a horror, Horror got 17 which is just more than half of what comedy got.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Zombie Films Research

After debating between a comedy and a horror zombie film, i have decided to do reasearch on the typoe of zombie films. I have decided to analise recent zombie films released in the past 10 years, as i thought this would be better to look at films whch the modern audience watches.
I looked at 4 films, 2 comedys: Shaun Of The Dead, which ive seen, and Zombieland, which i havent seen but i plan to for further reaerch. i am also gunna look at 2 horrors, 28 days later which ive seen and Dawn Of The Dead a film i also plan to see for further research.

Zombieland 2009) 7.8 im IMDb, this film had a buget of $23,600,00 equivalent to aproximatly £15,000,000. this is a high buget film, which means that they had thye opportunity to creat andmaintain high standrads troughout the film. This film had a really postive reponse from the public earing aproxamately $25,000,000 on the opening weekend, meaning that great profit is made just in the opening weekend.

Shaun of the Dead, Released April 20th in the UK, had a buget of £4,000,000, which is considerably lower than Zombie lands buget by almost 4 times. Howeever shaun of the dead has hiogher rating according to IMDb being rated 8 stars out of 10. the buget being lower gives this filma  slight disadvantage, altough in my opnion i think high standrads were reached in this film. The film bagged almost 2 million on the opening weekend, which is consedarbly good for a UK audience.

Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are both successful comdey films, But in comparason i think shaun of the daed is better as it got better ratinsg  with considerably lower buget than Zombieland.

Dawn of the Dead, a horror, action sci-fi zombie film has a rating of 7.4 in IMDb. Thjis was releashed march 2004. in the opening weekened it got estimated $27,000,000 in the USA. This a couple of millions higer than zombieland, and considerably higer than shaun of the daed.


Me, Edith and Tas, my group has decided on doing an opening of a zombie film. After brain stroming zombie movies we have found out that zombie films are now associated in 2 categories, a zombie comedy film and a zombie horror film.
We have decided to do a zombie comedy film as we decided that it would be harder to do a horror zombie film to a high enough standrad.

We had to decided roles within the group, we have diced that I would be doing Research: on other zombie films, audience impact, and target audience. As well as reaearch i volounteered to do Typhography. i would need to decide on approiate fonts to use in the credits of the film, aswell as the font for the title, which would be the signature title for the film. Edith is incharge of music and story boarding, while tas is doing casting, stage and make up.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sound analasis - Incidious

In this scene the sound almost acts like a guide to the audience.
At first the sound has a slow tempo with an almost reflective tone, giving the audience many positive connotations and expectations, making the audience think that the "drama" is over. then the man gives the picture to the old lady. The music then fades out to a high pitch sound, which has many connatations of sirens. this almost act as a reminder to the audience. because the audience thought everything was turning out to be alright the twist comes more of a suprise to them.

Edward Scissor hands film opening analysis

 Edward Scissor Hand. Directed by Tim Burton and developed by the Warner Bros. however this film was then sold to 20th century Fox.
The bugget for this film was $8-9 million, meaning that high standards to the film is highly achievable as mise en scene, music, edith etc. can be perfected to high standards.

The opening is very much relaying on sound, although teamed up with very clever shots and animations, which lacked in colour, however this is not a bad thing. The animations and images are moved in a slow and gentle movements which fades in to eachgother, This gives the opening a gentle and almost mysterious feel. The light blue, almost white contrast with black gave the opening an almost cold and threatening feel, instantly allowing the audience to go wild with expectations but anchoring them at the right areas even though the opening  wouldn’t have made a big impact on the audience without sound.

The sound, the dark mysterious fairytale like feeling continous onto the first scene, agian,. this gives the opening fludidity.
The Mise En Scene consist of old fashioned interior, for example patterned wall paper, lacey curtains, Wodeen bed and wooden rocking chair. The room is has a dim interior which is lit up by a fire pl;ace and 1 lamp shade. This give the room a dark feel.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Prelim Task and 3 Requirements

This video took me and my group members, Edith and Tas, just more than 4 lessons to do, including filming, editing and sound. We used a cannon  video camera with a tripod to film, and we all took it in turns doing camera work. Altough we had a storyboard which we used greatly and followed through, ideas and ways to improve ceratin shots were open and made as we were filming.

There was 3 requirements we have to do in this video, Match on action, 180 rule, and  Shot reverses shot. We, as a group found this easy to do as it came in naturally to us.

180 rule. this is the term use when the director creates a imaginary 180 degrees line in his/her head and sticks to it, making the shots has a fluid feel, allowing to capture everything thats going on in a way which makes the shots very effective, and not "all over the  place"
This technique was used in our task when the "killer"  was making her way to the music block, this technique was used to creat mystery and tension, which i think was achvied.

Shot Reverse Shot is where the camera is placed behind a charachter and parts of the character is visable in the shot but another character is in focus. This is normally used in a conversational scenes, just like how we used this techniqe in our task.
This shot invites the audience in the scene as at times it gives a point of view of a charachter giving the viewer a more in dept expirience, which could increase tension levels.

Match on Action This is  ashot showing a movemnt of a subject in 2 view points, for example, opening a door, 1 shot would be taken from outside the door, maybe some one opening it, and another shot from inside the door, this is how we used this in our prelim task.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This is a term used to "Anchor" the audience thoughsta and ideas. This means that the audience is allowed to make assumptions and ideas in their mind but boundaries are set so that theyre not lead into the wrong directions and do not make irrelevant ideas.
This is also use when certain connatations or symbolisms are used, pin pointing and manipulating the audience's chain of thoughts to what the director wants them to thinking allowing the audience to get into the action in a drama, creating more of an expirience for them.