Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Me, Edith and Tas, my group has decided on doing an opening of a zombie film. After brain stroming zombie movies we have found out that zombie films are now associated in 2 categories, a zombie comedy film and a zombie horror film.
We have decided to do a zombie comedy film as we decided that it would be harder to do a horror zombie film to a high enough standrad.

We had to decided roles within the group, we have diced that I would be doing Research: on other zombie films, audience impact, and target audience. As well as reaearch i volounteered to do Typhography. i would need to decide on approiate fonts to use in the credits of the film, aswell as the font for the title, which would be the signature title for the film. Edith is incharge of music and story boarding, while tas is doing casting, stage and make up.

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