Sunday, 9 October 2011

Edward Scissor hands film opening analysis

 Edward Scissor Hand. Directed by Tim Burton and developed by the Warner Bros. however this film was then sold to 20th century Fox.
The bugget for this film was $8-9 million, meaning that high standards to the film is highly achievable as mise en scene, music, edith etc. can be perfected to high standards.

The opening is very much relaying on sound, although teamed up with very clever shots and animations, which lacked in colour, however this is not a bad thing. The animations and images are moved in a slow and gentle movements which fades in to eachgother, This gives the opening a gentle and almost mysterious feel. The light blue, almost white contrast with black gave the opening an almost cold and threatening feel, instantly allowing the audience to go wild with expectations but anchoring them at the right areas even though the opening  wouldn’t have made a big impact on the audience without sound.

The sound, the dark mysterious fairytale like feeling continous onto the first scene, agian,. this gives the opening fludidity.
The Mise En Scene consist of old fashioned interior, for example patterned wall paper, lacey curtains, Wodeen bed and wooden rocking chair. The room is has a dim interior which is lit up by a fire pl;ace and 1 lamp shade. This give the room a dark feel.

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