Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Zombie Films Research

After debating between a comedy and a horror zombie film, i have decided to do reasearch on the typoe of zombie films. I have decided to analise recent zombie films released in the past 10 years, as i thought this would be better to look at films whch the modern audience watches.
I looked at 4 films, 2 comedys: Shaun Of The Dead, which ive seen, and Zombieland, which i havent seen but i plan to for further reaerch. i am also gunna look at 2 horrors, 28 days later which ive seen and Dawn Of The Dead a film i also plan to see for further research.

Zombieland 2009) 7.8 im IMDb, this film had a buget of $23,600,00 equivalent to aproximatly £15,000,000. this is a high buget film, which means that they had thye opportunity to creat andmaintain high standrads troughout the film. This film had a really postive reponse from the public earing aproxamately $25,000,000 on the opening weekend, meaning that great profit is made just in the opening weekend.

Shaun of the Dead, Released April 20th in the UK, had a buget of £4,000,000, which is considerably lower than Zombie lands buget by almost 4 times. Howeever shaun of the dead has hiogher rating according to IMDb being rated 8 stars out of 10. the buget being lower gives this filma  slight disadvantage, altough in my opnion i think high standrads were reached in this film. The film bagged almost 2 million on the opening weekend, which is consedarbly good for a UK audience.

Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are both successful comdey films, But in comparason i think shaun of the daed is better as it got better ratinsg  with considerably lower buget than Zombieland.

Dawn of the Dead, a horror, action sci-fi zombie film has a rating of 7.4 in IMDb. Thjis was releashed march 2004. in the opening weekened it got estimated $27,000,000 in the USA. This a couple of millions higer than zombieland, and considerably higer than shaun of the daed.

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