Saturday, 8 October 2011

Prelim Task and 3 Requirements

This video took me and my group members, Edith and Tas, just more than 4 lessons to do, including filming, editing and sound. We used a cannon  video camera with a tripod to film, and we all took it in turns doing camera work. Altough we had a storyboard which we used greatly and followed through, ideas and ways to improve ceratin shots were open and made as we were filming.

There was 3 requirements we have to do in this video, Match on action, 180 rule, and  Shot reverses shot. We, as a group found this easy to do as it came in naturally to us.

180 rule. this is the term use when the director creates a imaginary 180 degrees line in his/her head and sticks to it, making the shots has a fluid feel, allowing to capture everything thats going on in a way which makes the shots very effective, and not "all over the  place"
This technique was used in our task when the "killer"  was making her way to the music block, this technique was used to creat mystery and tension, which i think was achvied.

Shot Reverse Shot is where the camera is placed behind a charachter and parts of the character is visable in the shot but another character is in focus. This is normally used in a conversational scenes, just like how we used this techniqe in our task.
This shot invites the audience in the scene as at times it gives a point of view of a charachter giving the viewer a more in dept expirience, which could increase tension levels.

Match on Action This is  ashot showing a movemnt of a subject in 2 view points, for example, opening a door, 1 shot would be taken from outside the door, maybe some one opening it, and another shot from inside the door, this is how we used this in our prelim task.

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