Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The program i have decided to used is Serif Draw Plus. I am quite confident in using this program as i have used it throughout my school life in cherwell, However i do not have this program at home, meaning that 
most of my typography work will have to be done in school.

Things i have to consider.
 -Fonts, i would have to make sure that the font relates to the film and anchores the audiences, giving them the right connetations, and impressions of the film. Also i would have to consider how easy it will be to read as it can be potentially used not only for the Film title but also the credits in the film opening.
 -Layout, i would have to make sure that the way the words and images may be placed is easy to read and understand, and also that it looks good, overall havinbg a positive outcome on the final product.
 -Comedy Values, as the film is a comedy zombie film, i wouldnt want the audience to think that it may be a horror, this is where the comedy values comes in. In addition i would still need to somehow anchor the audience to think that it is a zombie film.
 -Colour schemes, i would have to make sure that the colour scheme used is easy to read and that the contrast between the background and the colour of the actual texts are distinguished to make them easy to read, as well as making it stand out.
 -Audience, making sure that our traget audience (teenagers) are attracted to the film is vital.
 -Punctuation, this is improtant as it could change the meaning of the title completly, changing the tone or even the meaning

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