Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Production Logo Questionnaire

I have recently finished several designs for our Production Logos, as well as the Typography.
This will be posted in my blog in due course.

I have done a questionnaire regarding the designs and the typography. Here our target market can give us feedback on which of the several designs I have created are the best, and which of the designs and the typography will go together to create our final production logo design.
The feedback we get will be taken into consideration and will highly effect our decision making. We think that it is important to have audience feedback as they are the one who our products are targeted at. Therefore it is important that the majority of the target audience likes any of the things we create.

Also in the questionnaire, people can state their opinions on how any of the designs and the typography could be improved, this information is vital as we aim to produce a Production logo that's fit to compete with any of the other production logos already existing.
In additions people can also give us ideas on colour schemes as we have not made a final decision yet, Although there has been thoughts to using "tea-like" colours to emphasise the branding of our production name.

The questionnaire I have done will be handed out to our target market, which are the teens. The results will then be put into graphs to clearly show the outcome and to have a clear presentation of the findings.

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