Monday, 30 January 2012

Audience Feedback on Typography and Designs

The following graphs states the general feeback about the numerous designs i have created.
The questionnare was given to our traget market, where they can tick a box next to the one that they feel is the best, underneth they could also give general opnions about the designs, stating what they like or dont like, aswell as on how we as a group could improve certain designs.
The finisng will be highly taken into consideration.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

The feedback on the designs is really close. T.E.E. Productions i feel will have difficulty deciding on which one we will choose as there is a draw between Design 2 & 5.

Design 2 appears to be popular due to the combination of the camera aswell as the tea, as a group we have agreed that this is the selling point of this design. The audience likes that it relates to the Film industry, this has been said in numerous occasions in the questionarre.
Improvements suggested by the audience is that steam could be coming up the word "T.E.E." This is a really good idea and if we decide on using this design, it will defietly be an option to develop it.

Design 5 The simplistic design has won many votes (as stated on 3 out of 5 questionare).
As a group we also feel the the simplicity if this design works really well. However 1 person stated on the questionarre that it may be too simple.
Improvements stated on the questionare was "Tea Spillage" or a border.

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