Monday, 2 January 2012

These are a few of my initial ideas for our production company logo, "T.E.E. Productions" .
"T.E.E." being the initials of our names, T-Tasnim, E-Edith. E-Ernie. As a group we decided that we would play with the word "TEE" and apply the concept of teas, as our production sounds like tea, we decided that this also would attract our target audience as it has an element of humour, as well has having an original stamp into the logo.

My sketches are not in colour, as we still have not decided as a group, the colour scehemes we would like to use throughout this project.

These designs are just ideas that will be improved. by using Photoshop, using real images, as well as improving and choosing the relevant fonts, instantly creating a more prefessional finish.

Idea 1

This was my instant idea when we decided that we were going to use the concept of teas.
I think this idea is really simple, but effective. However it lacks originality aswell as potential, as i think it would be difficult to be improved, as it would need a lot of work in order for it to work and to have a professional finish. 
On the other hand the composition of the "T.E.E. Productions" is very effective, as its clear, highlights the main focus of the logo which is "T.E.E", therefore it has very high chance of influencing the final outcome of the production logo.

Idea 2
The composition of this idea was very much influenced by the first idea. 
I decided to add a person with a cup of tea, a teenager, as i thought this could help our target audeince relate to the logo and be more attracted.
A way of improving this could be having various types of people holding the cup og tea, simillary to the "Dreamworks", as they had one with a daytime atmosphere and a nightime.

Idea 3

This idea came to me instantly after the first idea.
It simplicity is defienitly its selling point. Its clear, To the point aprroach in my opinion really works.
And improving it would be quite easy as it is up to the standards already.
However i fear that this idea is not targetting our target audience, As i think this idea is more for the older viewing public.

Idea 4

This is my improvement for the 3rd idea. As i thought the idea itself works, i decided to simple enlarge the writing, going out the actual cup.
I got the inspiration from the Universals logo. If i was to develop this idea further i would create a homely atmosphere, with warm colours, this i think would be targetting our target market, as well as having a very calm finish, which would act as an warning for the audience to sit down and be comfortable and watch.

Idea 5

The other ideas ive come up with are very much concentrated on cups of tea, therefore i have decided to mix this with media related objects.
The idea of making the filming camera having a handle connetating a cup of tea then came to my mind, i was then quick to quickly draw this idea. i then developed the shape of the camera, giving it an "old school", "Retro" feel. I mixed this with the composition of the writing in my first idea.
Combined together i think that this logo is very eye catching, original, humorous, and most of all i think that it attracts our target market.

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