Thursday, 1 March 2012

How did you attract/adress your audience? - Planning.

To answer this question i would have the question placed at the cebter of the page and have various sub titles which will have various ares of the titles answering the question. for example 1 subtitle will include various screen shots of our audience feedback from our blog, aswell as some examplar questionares.
All the subtitles will include in depth explaination of how that relates to the question.  in order to make this an excellent / proficient it will have to include various types of medias which will come from the examples of the content related to the various subtitles aswell as the question. In addition i will need to create a visually exciting, and intresting mediums, which will maxsimise the viewers intrest.

My intial ideas for this are: An exciting prezzie, xtranormal.

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