Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Audience Evaluation


As a group we have decided that our priminary target audience will consist of mostly a younger age group, the teens, just like our selves, ages 15 and over.
As a group we indentified that the genre of our film, Comedy Horror, has been very sucessful with this age group. zombieland /and Shaun /of The Dead are great evidence for this. therefore if our film was to be distributed it would be given a rating of 15. this would mean that our film will be easily accessible by our target demographic.

Nick Redfern stated that:
         "Male audience members exhibit stronger preferences for science fiction, action/adventure and horror films while women preferred romantic comedies and family films."
         " Younger respondents were likly to select comedy horror as thier favourite genres, whereas older audience members were more likely to selct dramas, documentaries and classic films."

This statement supports our first judgement. and after this statement, as a group we decided that our main target audience is young males but also not neglecting females as we didnt want to limit ourseleves.


Having such a young target audience, as a group we have made a concious decision of making a comedy zombie film, as our research showed that oyur target demographic responds to this genre positively.
We have also chosen actors which are similar in age group to our target demographic in order to attract them and mentain thier intrest in the film as we felt that having certain similarities with our audience such as age will make them respond and relate to our film more positively.

In order to attract our target audience, we used various questionares, which was given to our target audience. In this questionarre they could state thier opinions on certain factors contributing to the final outcome of our various media products such as Fonts and illustration designs.The questionarres contributted greatly in creating a great final outcome in our media poieces includiong our Production Logo and our film.

Inaddition we have also used play on words as well as humour in various media products such as our film and our production logo in order to attract our audience as we knew that our target audience responds to humour positively. we felt that this would contribute to a more rememmorable and exciting final product which will positively make an impact on our target audience.

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