Sunday, 4 March 2012

Re- Filming and Make Up.

After acknowledging many of the faults, such as our bags being visible, camera not being steady enough, and people looking and laughing at the camera etc. in our first film opening, as a group we have decided that it was necessary to re film and improve on the things that we did wrong.

Unfortunately a mixture of many different factors contributed to us not being able to re film today.
Firstly, only 1 out of our number of actors turned up. There was many contributing reasons why people didn’t turn up, such as the weather, being rainy and snowy, as well as many of the actors were A-level students like us meaning that they also have a lot of work to do. However as a group we were too optimistic and remained positive.

Thinking many of our actors were going to turn up, we started putting on the makeup on ourselves.
As a group we have decided that our original make up was too unrealistic and only just made a Halloween feel. Therefore we have decided to resolve this problem by using yellow facepaint,  As well as adding cuts and more fake blood, and also improving the make up around the eyes.
We replaced the heavy black eye make up with subtle red and black make up. We felt that this gave a more realistic looking feel. Making us look ill and less of a Halloween costume.

Make Up Attempt 1

Make Up attempt 2

Even though re-filming failed today,we have gained more knowledge on the costume and make up today which we will apply in when we re-film. As a team we now all collectively have a wider knowledge on how to do the make up which means that we can all do the make up next time.

We are planning to re-film tomorrow. we hope that we get a better response from our actors and that the weather will be good, as we think that this was main contributing factor why our actors didnt turn up today.

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