Monday, 19 September 2011

Inception-The Paradox clip Analasis

Inception clip

The clip opens up with a slow and delicate tracking shot, and it continued further till the girl (Ellen Page) stopped walking, this connotes a new beginning or a start of a new scene, or a new subject in the story line, instanly inviting the audience to keep watchng or to pay more attention. After a few seconds this was then followed with a crane shot of a new location clearly showing us, the viewer, a bird’s eye view of the scene, allowing us to see the size of the place as well as leading us into the focal point of the whole room which is the stairs, which indicates that later on this would be main focus of the scene. A Tilt shot was then used to reinforce the strair way.
The Tilt shot was then used, this made the audience follow Ellen Page's journey on the stairs, making the audience more engaded with the story line. the crane shot was then used again, emphasising the stair way again.

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